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We are a highly acclaimed long-term rehab in NY with the highest success rates. Riverbank House offers customized addiction treatments and therapies with dedicated clinicians and therapists at affordable prices. Here are some of the benefits of long-term rehab treatment:

  • Improves your chance of attaining comprehensive recovery

Receiving long-term care at a residential rehab offers an array of benefits. Not only does long-term care help you get sober, but it also equips you with essential coping mechanisms and life skills to stay clean in the long haul. It also allows you to address your addiction underlying triggers and combat them decisively during treatment.

  • Low relapse rates

Residential treatment has a lower relapse rate than outpatient therapy. Residential treatment offers an immersive healing experience, allowing you to attain a safe, speedy, and sustainable recovery from substance abuse disorders.

  • Focus on underlying mental health issues

Addiction stems from a psychiatric health problem in over 60% of the cases. Long-term residential treatment focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of your substance abuse disorder. As a pioneer rehab for addiction treatment in Massachusetts, we use evidence-based therapies and holistic recovery programs to help our clients attain sobriety. We also focus on minimizing the risk of relapse by helping you achieve holistic recovery from addiction and co-occurring mental disorders.

  • Allows you to catch a break

Ranked as one of the best Massachusetts detox centers, our facility offers a serene and calming environment, allowing patients to focus on healing. You get to take a break from your everyday life and relax in a safe, secure, and tranquil setting. You are less likely to relapse at a residential rehab as you are far from day-to-day triggers and stressful situations.

  • Sober fellowship

Residential drug and alcohol rehab centers foster a healthy and friendly relationship among the recovering addicts through group therapies and support group meetings and discussions. You will meet new people at an inpatient rehab and develop valuable bonds with them. The friendships you build at a rehab facility go a long way in helping you stay clean after addiction treatment and can motivate you to maintain a healthy and sober life in the long term.

  •  Medical detox

We are one of the top residential drug rehab centers in Massachusetts to offer drug detox. Our licensed physician administers specific medications to flush out the toxins from your system. Medical detoxification is a critical part of recovery from addiction. It marks the first step of a long-term recovery process and prepares the mind and body for sobriety in the long term. We create customized detox plans for each patient after a thorough diagnosis and help them attain improved physical and mental wellness. Detox treatment also helps patients overcome the unpleasant withdrawal phase safely.

Reach us at 603-293-3989 to join our long-term rehab in NY. With a fully equipped yoga studio, professionally designed kitchens, and fully furnished rooms, Riverbank House offers a tranquil environment for recovery from addiction. 

Long Term Rehab Ny
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Long Term Rehab Ny
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Long Term Rehab Ny Long Term Rehab Ny Long Term Rehab Ny