Outpatient treatment Pasadena

Outpatient treatment Pasadena

Are you someone who doesn’t need residential rehab but need something a bit more intensive than attending weekly support groups for substance abuse? At Pax House Recovery, we offer a comprehensive outpatient treatment in Pasadena where you can get treatment while living at home and continuing your daily routine.

How substance abuse is treated in rehab facilities

Substance abuse or medically called substance use disorder (SUD) commonly deal with patients who have out-of-control drug or alcohol consumption. Many of the underlying reasons for their substance abuse are psychological, such as dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, or grief. Hence, any rehabilitation treatment program will incorporate extensive therapy to identify psychological issues, triggers, and finding healthy responses to those triggers.

Most rehab centers for SUDs will expect their patients to fully detox before admission, but some centers also incorporate detoxification in their treatment. The treatment programs will have individual therapy sessions (using techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) with a licensed therapist and group counseling with other patients fighting the same battle. The individual sessions are designed to identify the deep-rooted psychological problems that led to the SUD, identify the triggers, and develop coping mechanisms to prevent relapse.

After the treatment program is over, most rehab centers will offer a good aftercare plan, with extra psychiatric support and giving patients the tools to avoid relapsing. SUD treatment could be either residential inpatient (where you live in the facilities) or outpatient treatment (where you live at home and come to the center for treatment sessions).

Should I go for residential or outpatient treatment?

At our rehab center, we offer both residential and outpatient treatment in Pasadena. What you'll choose will largely depend on the stage of your recovery and your situation. Residential inpatient treatment means you will be living at the facility with round-the-clock care and supervision, so it is best for people who are at the early stages of recovery and are at great risk of relapsing.

Outpatient treatment means you can come to our center while you are staying at home and carrying on with daily tasks. Outpatient programs are suitable for those who can manage their addiction while living at home and attending treatment sessions on time or for those who can’t afford residential treatment.

What is daily life like at a rehab center?

You will have a structured daily routine, rising early for breakfast (if it’s a residential program). Creating structure and routine helps patients significantly in restoring normalcy in their lives. Your mornings will consist of plenty of individual and group counseling sessions.

In the afternoons, some rehab facilities offer recreational therapy like yoga. You can choose which recreational therapy you like, whether it's art therapy, yoga, meditation, etc.

If you’re looking for dedicated outpatient treatment in Pasadena, contact Pax House Recovery to find out more. We believe in providing quality services and individualized SUD treatment programs for all our patients. Make the better choice and transform your life today!

Outpatient treatment Pasadena

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Outpatient treatment Pasadena Outpatient treatment Pasadena Outpatient treatment Pasadena