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Sarasota Cataract

Sarasota Cataract

If you're a Sarasota resident considering cataract surgery, you have a great advantage, being located nearby one of the most reputable eye clinics in the country. Coastal Eye Institute offers patients the option of having one of the newest cataract surgeries available today, as well as the option of Laser Refractive cataract surgery.

Aside from the exceptional choices in cataract surgery that the Sarasota Cataract Clinic makes available, there is brand new technology available with regard to lenses. In fact, one of the most important decisions that the patient and doctor will make together is what type of lens to implant during the surgery.

Until very recently, patients undergoing cataract surgery were offered a traditional single focus lens implant. As incredible as that is to patients dealing with the loss of vision that a cataract brings, single focus can only provide good distance vision or good near vision, but not both. Now, with advances in lens technology there exists advanced lenses capable of providing a more continuous range of vision for the patient.

Advanced lenses mean that patients can enjoy a wider range of clear focus at distance, intermediate and near. These new lenses may reduce or even eliminate your need for glasses. There are different types of advanced lens implants to meet individual needs. If you've been thinking about having surgery at the Sarasota Cataract Clinic, call Coastal Eye to make an appointment. Your surgeon will discuss a customized treatment plan with you and help you choose a lens implant that will best serve your visual needs.

Advanced lens implants that are available today from the Sarasota Cataract Clinic include:

- CrystaLens AD. CrystaLens is designed to allow you to enjoy a fuller, more natural range of vision for most activities, including reading, computer work and driving. CrystaLens was modeled after the natural lens in the eye, using the eye muscle to flex and accommodate focus on objects at different distances.

- AcrySof. The AcrySof ReSTOR IOL is a multi-focal lens that provides correction for both near and distance vision allowing for close and distant objects to be in focus at the same time. ReSTOR patients often find they can read a book, work on the computer, drive a car and play golf or tennis with an increased freedom from glasses.

- Monovision. Patients who opt for mono vision lenses are those who are already used to mono vision with contact lenses. This option involves implanting an IOL in one eye that provides near vision and an IOL in the other eye that provides distance vision.

- Toric lenses for astigmatism. A Toric intraocular lens is designed to reduce astigmatism at the time of the cataract surgery. Tori implants can reduce or eliminate astigmatism and significantly improve distance vision.

Consider Coastal Eye in Sarasota for your cataract surgery. Their clinic has fellowship-trained ophthalmologists in every specialty of eye care. You'll be in the best hands possible, and will enjoy a greater freedom from improved vision.

Call the Sarasota Cataract Clinic today at 941-748-1818 to schedule an appointment at Coastal Eye. You'll be so glad you did!

Sarasota Cataract
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Sarasota Cataract Sarasota Cataract

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