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Sober Living

Sober Living

Fairview Supportive Living is a top-rated  Sober Living facility that can help you heal and recover in the most luxurious and soothing setting. You are entirely free from any triggers at our facility, and you can use the time to figure out your career, relationships, and make healthy life decisions.

How long do you have to stay at a sober home?

There are no such rules that determine the period of your stay at a sober home. Most treatment specialists believe that the longer you stay, the better the outcome. Recovering addicts, in general, stay anywhere from 6 – 12 months in a sober house.

Nevertheless, if you are unsure of getting out in the real world, you may extend your stay for up to 18 months or more. However, these homes are meant to act as a bridge to help you adjust and adapt to the external environment after inpatient rehab treatment. Hence, you must make sincere efforts to find a stable job, a place to live, mend personal relationships, etc. and prepare yourself to get back on your feet to deal with the real world.

Rules in a sober house

In general sober homes expect you to pay your bills on time and refrain from any kind of alcohol or drug use. You may be expected to handle certain chores and obey the house curfews. You must attend all the house meetings, participate in all the support group meetings, and make an active effort to find a stable job.

Besides, you may have rare or limited opportunities to have visitors in a sober home. You will also be expected to respect the boundaries of fellow housemates and staff. While most facilities do not allow pets, at our  sober living houses in California, we allow our residents to bring their pets along as well.

Tips for moving after living at a sober home

One of the biggest advantages that recovering addicts enjoy at these houses is the support system. So make sure not to live in isolation after moving out of a sober home. Attend support groups and 12-step programs regularly to have a supportive social circle with whom you can share your progress and challenges in recovery.

Engage yourself in a favorite hobby of your choice or enroll for a class to keep you occupied and to avoid boredom. Continue attending therapy sessions and counseling at your rehab center at least once a week to stay focused on recovery.

Insurance coverage for a sober house

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) offers coverage for addiction treatment but not for the cost of staying at a sober living home. Moreover, sober homes do not accept insurance or state health coverage for the cost of your stay. Nevertheless, make sure to check with your insurance provider to verify your coverage. Nevertheless, your policy will cover any ongoing addiction treatment you undergo, such as therapy visits, counseling sessions, etc.

Contact Fairview Supportive Living today, for more details on our Sober Living arrangement. Our houses are situated just 30 miles north of downtown Los Angeles and are a short drive to the Malibu beaches.

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