Throbbing Tooth Pain That Comes And Goes

Throbbing Tooth Pain That Comes And Goes

If you have throbbing tooth pain that comes and goes but can’t get into a dentist's office right away, Dental E-Hub can help you find a dentist in your area quickly. There are many dental practices in your community that accept walk-ins and after-hours patients; the easiest way to find one near you is to use our free search tools to locate an emergency dentist. Throbbing, intermittent tooth pain can mean an abscessed tooth or decay that requires immediate attention from a dentist. You don’t have to wait- there’s a dental care provider who can offer quality, urgent care when you need to see a dentist.

What Are the Signs of an Abscessed Tooth?

An abscessed tooth can feel different to different people, so it’s not always easy to diagnose. Symptoms can range from consistent to intermittent pain or throbbing, a stabbing sensation, or a heaviness underneath the tooth. If you suspect you have an abscessed tooth, you’ll need to see a dentist right away for pain medication, a correct diagnosis, and treatment to improve the condition. Depending on what your dentist finds, you may need to schedule a root canal, a filling, or an extraction with a crown or implant. Start your search for a gentle dentist in your area on Dental E-Hub; simply enter your location to get started.

What Type of Dentist Should I See?

For throbbing tooth pain that comes and goes, find a general practice dentist in your community who can provide you with digital imaging to determine the cause of your tooth pain. Not every dentist is eager to welcome walk-in patients, which is why it’s so important to have an emergency dentist’s phone number handy in case someone in your family requires urgent dental care. If your dentist cannot see you on short notice, visit Dental E-Hub online to quickly find a dentist who can meet your needs. 

Finding the Right Dentist

Click the ‘Specialist’ tab on our website’s homepage and scroll to find ‘Emergency Dentistry’ if you’re unable to schedule an immediate appointment with a dental clinic. Select your country and state, then submit the criteria for a list of dentists who can see you today. Once you find a qualified provider, stay connected with our free Dental E-Hub app, available through the App Store or Google Play. Our app will provide you with free information on the go, directions to your nearest dental clinic, discounts & offers, news & tips, and more- all from your private portal.

You Deserve Quality Care

Dealing with throbbing tooth pain that comes and goes is anything but fun. Using our tools, you’ll find a dentist who can offer immediate relief of tooth pain, as well as quality dental care to address the underlying cause of your discomfort. Our online hub saves you time and can save you a lot of money on dental care over the years, as well. It’s quick & easy to get started in our ‘Patients’ section.

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Throbbing Tooth Pain That Comes And Goes
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Throbbing Tooth Pain That Comes And Goes Throbbing Tooth Pain That Comes And Goes Throbbing Tooth Pain That Comes And Goes