Exceeding Expectations is Our Priority, Every Day

There are no shortage of St. Louis rehabilitation centers, but unlike most rehabs, Midwest Institute for Addiction (MIA) provides more than just treatment. Treating addiction properly is absolutely crucial, but far too many rehabilitation centers completely ignore the human element. MIA is focused on not only treating addiction, but also doing so with a focus on accessibility, compassion and a private, person-centered approach. Very few rehab centers across the United States compare to the person-centered programs and dedicated staff at MIA. We take pride in our holistic treatment model, centered on the unique needs and circumstances of each person. Our effective treatment processes are delivered through excellent services and experiences. Whereas other healthcare facilities provide treatment services as though they are mundane tasks on a list of daily responsibilities, MIA’s compassionate staff actively seek opportunities to create positive changes in others. Our evidence-based addiction treatment services include medical detox, psychiatric care and evaluation, therapy for individuals, families, couples and groups, nutrition and health counseling, and more. Our reputation is built on pillars of compassion, responsiveness, flexibility, and effectiveness. At our St. Louis rehab facility, we offer an environment designed to nurture wellness and recovery and wellness. Each and every client is at the epicenter of what we do, and thus the satisfaction of our clients and their families is extremely important to us. The framework and culture at MIA are simply unparalleled.


Comprehensive Treatment For Complex Addiction

Families who have been impacted by addiction understand that treatment programs are not one-size-fits-all. Addiction is complex. It requires a comprehensive treatment plan, centered around each individual’s unique situation. That is what makes Midwest Institute for Addiction different from your typical rehabilitation center. With a focus on Quality of Life, we employ a multi-disciplinary treatment team to care for those who are struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, often compounded by many other life factors. This team includes a wide range of professionals to provide medical, psychiatric, and behavioral services, including visits with our medical doctor, psychiatrist, individual therapists, family and couple therapists and group therapists. Our staff also includes dietitians, health and wellness experts, mindfulness and meditation experts, and other professionals to address the unique needs of each client. To monitor progress and overall health, our treatment specialists also perform continual medical monitoring with toxicology and blood work, psychological assessments, medication management including Suboxone and Vivitrol®, and additional ancillary services. Unlike at other centers, there is no limit to the services our clients receive while at our alcohol and drug rehab in St. Louis. Additionally, upon completion of our program, clients are entitled to a lifetime of relapse prevention services.


Quality of Life

What do we mean when we say we’re focused on Quality of Life? We plan, coordinate and communicate our treatments around the unique life factors and health of each individual. This translates into a complete continuum of care that goes far beyond the services provided by other rehabs in St. Louis, which tend to focus strictly on alcohol and drug use alone. At Midwest Institute for Addition, our multi-disciplinary team addresses your physical health, psychiatric health, social health, family health, financial issues, legal issues, and job-related concerns, which can all play a factor in alcohol and drug use. By assessing clients on all these elements, we are able to identify the unique needs of the individual and shape their treatment plan accordingly. In most cases, to achieve progress, rehabilitation services need to focus on more areas of improvement than simply alcohol and drug abuse. That is what makes MIA different, and it’s why our St. Louis facility has a reputation for excellence.


What Does This Mean for You?

Everything we do is designed to exceed expectations. At MIA, we are focused on accessibility and flexibility for both our clients and their families. We understand you have other obligations. This is why we deliver our quality services at times that are convenient to you, during the day, evening, and even on weekends, when most other rehabs in St. Louis are closed. We do this without compromising the care we provide. MIA employs some of most experienced providers in the St. Louis area, who are accessible by phone and in-person. This ensures we are offering the highest level of support possible, regardless of your schedule and other commitments. Whereas other centers are focused on sales tactics and profits, we are focused on you, your care and your family. By providing our clients with unlimited services, we offer a treatment process that is rich in quality and effectiveness. We proudly offer free consultations to determine the appropriate treatment for each individual, and our facility accepts medical insurance for programs that are typically only found in private, high-priced facilities. We understand what you’re going through. We’re here to help you navigate this path to wellness and recovery with high-quality care that is affordable, flexible and custom-tailored to your unique situation.