Residental Treatment | Pasadena, California

The Elijah House | MIA’s Luxury Rehab

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Our residential treatment facility offers the amenities and environment of a luxury rehab at a fraction of the cost and most insurances are accepted. This beautiful and comfortable alcohol and drug rehab center sits in sunny Pasadena, California where clients complete medical detox, residential treatment, and sober living before coming home to St. Louis to complete our local outpatient addiction treatment program.

Why Residential Treatment? Why California?

MIA’s core St. Louis outpatient rehab programs were designed because treatment is most successful when completed in an individual’s natural environment. However, there are situations where clients benefit from being removed from their environment for a period of time to develop a stable platform with which they can enter back into their environment and continue care. For this reason MIA has partnered with one of the highest quality and most cost effective residential programs in the United States. This program is an extension of our high quality care in St. Louis, providing a comprehensive approach while ensuring that quality services accompany service delivery.

Ease of Access & Logistics

Individual’s and families dealing with addiction have enough on their minds. For this reason, clients attending our residential program have peace of mind as we facilitate everything from traveling to treatment, returning home from treatment, and the treatment plan upon return from residential care. MIA facilitates and pays for all travel arrangements so the client’s and their families’ only focus is on their recovery and wellbeing. Once in California our staff will personally meet the client at the airport and continue to ensure a stress free and accessible nature as we provide the highest quality residential care.

How to Get Started

Because we pride ourselves on accessability, adaptablity, repsonsiveness, and compassion simply call to set-up a consultation and MIA will take care of the rest. Our staff will gladly sit with you and your family to discuss the treatment continuum, answer questions, and begin your recovery process.

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