Midwest Institute for Addiction strives to assist in the nurturing and development of our community. Through advocating for other interest groups, education, and quality care Midwest Institute for Addiction continues to play a major role in the prevention and treatment of alcohol and drug abuse. Midwest Institute for Addiction provides individuals seeking treatment for alcohol and drug addiction a free educational consultation, despite what treatment plans they pursue. It is vital that anyone seeking help know what they are dealing with as well as the resources available to them. With Midwest Institute for Addiction you are not alone!

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Addiction is more than having bad withdrawal symptoms when you stop
St. Louis Psychiatrist
Psychiatrist in St. Louis
Rolando Larice & Associates is a multi-disciplinary practice that includes mental health and primary care services.
Serving the community with care
Rolando Larice & Associates is a multi-disciplinary practice that includes mental health and primary care services.
St. Louis Outpatient Treatment Center www.midwestinstituteforaddiction.org
St. Louis Outpatient Treatment Center


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M.I.A. booth at the St. Charles Convention Center

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Substance abuse prevention

Missouri Department of Mental Health Midwest Institute for Addiction had a table at the 2012 Spring Training Institute Convention.

The Missouri Department of Mental Health provides a Spring Training Institute in May for consumers, providers and staff of the Divisions of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Comprehensive Psychiatric Services, and Developmental Disabilities. Additionally the Institute attracts staff from the Department of Corrections, Department of Youth Services, Department of Family Services and other statewide organizations. The Institute provides the opportunity for participants to learn about the latest research in the field regarding medications, evidenced-based treatment, and other issues related to the population that we serve.


Pam, Andrew, & Terry Jones

Pam, Andrew, & Terry Jones

KMOX 1120 AMMidwest Institute for Addiction was mentioned in the article below for their efforts in supporting families dealing with the epidemic of drug addiction through Pam Jones and her husband Terry’s support group and educational efforts.