Why Our St. Louis Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center?

Why Midwest Institute for Addiction as your Missouri Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center?

The reason Midwest Institute for Addiction has established its programs as some of the best in St. Louis goes beyond the quality care we provide. What we do well, beyond our quality programs that many Missouri rehabilitation centers do not, is remember that beyond our product (effective addiction treatment) there are service components to deliver. We pride ourselves for being more adaptable, accessible, responsive, and compassionate than any other program around. We are a Missouri rehab center that takes quality of care very seriously.

MIA’s quality program and excellent service component translates into a Missouri rehab center that is quick to respond to your needs, a rehab center that maintains hours of service delivery conducive to your hectic schedule and hours of contact at all times to maximize support, and a Missouri rehabilitation center that focuses on every aspect of your life in conjunction with alcohol and drug use.

We understand that no two individuals or their circumstances are the same. While many drug and alcohol rehab facilities use a standard approach, Midwest Institute for Addiction chooses to understand the addiction and psychosocial factors of each client before developing the most effective program; while always maintaining research supported protocols, procedures, and therapeutic techniques.

We use medically assisted treatment and counseling to treat alcohol and drug addiction. The medications are research backed and are an effective tool supplemented by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other therapies. While we do not use the 12 steps in our program, we are its advocates and encourage our clients to utilize this in conjunction with our rehabilitation center’s programs.

We are for the progression of addiction medicine and long-term recovery for our clients. To be radical and closed-minded in any healthcare or science field is limiting to the organization and those it serves. As treatments progress so too does our rehab center. There is not a magic pill or any “cure all” string of words to solve our problems. There are, however, many effective tools that when accessible together create a formidable foe for this disease.


Why a comprehensive approach?

Addiction medicine physicians and addiction psychiatrists all agreed that medical treatment of addiction requires a multi-method approach. (Becki, Liese, & Najavits, 2005)

Improved Status after treatment is more likely when clients have access to a range of mental health and medical services. (Marsh, D’Aunno, & Smith, 2009)

Why medications?

Buprenorphine (Active compound in Suboxone) was statistically significantly superior to placebo in retaining patients in treatment. (Bell, 2012)

Programs which offer on-site medical services utilization rates are higher. (Friedman, Alexander, & D’Auuno, 1998)

Medication assisted treatment reduces the chance of overdose. (Bell, Fischer, & Levitz, 2002)

Medication decreases substance use or the intensity and duration of drug effects while psychotherapy focuses on the emotional problems that contribute to drug abuse. (Rounsaville & Carrol, 2003)

Why group therapy?

Group therapy addresses aspects of recovery related to physical and mental health, lifestyle choices, and family and professional issues. (Daley, Mercer, & Spots, 2003)

Why does Midwest Institute for Addiction offer a minimum length of 3 months, no maximum treatment time, and lifetime counseling?

The longer a patient remains in treatment directly correlates to reduction in drug use and improved social function. (Walker, 2009)

Longer periods of treatment predicts better outcomes. (McKay & Weiss, 2001)

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