What guides our organization?

“We are in the business of making lives better. Our responsibilities are to our patients, one another, and the organization. There are many stakeholders and we have obligations to all of them. However, this can never be at the patients expense as they are at the epicenter of why we exist. Every decision and action we take should reflect this, from strategic decisions to how we answer our phones.”

-MIA Founder and President

Our Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab Facility Mission:

Guiding individuals and families to a better life than the one they live today.

Our organization’s mission is to teach and enhance the quality of living for those dealing with the disease of alcohol and drug addiction through our Evidence-Based, Comprehensive, Individualized approach utilizing the most effective research supported medication-assisted treatment and therapies. At our alcohol and drug rehab center we use these tools to prevent cravings, inhibit the ability to obtain euphoric effects from abused chemicals, while simultaneously teaching the knowledge, insight, coping skills, and providing the social support necessary to maintain a life of sobriety far after our program is completed.

At our alcohol and drug rehab facility in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Virtually, and as an institution, our primary purpose is the enhancement, promotion, and education of addiction medicine to our clients and the community. Our rehab center stays on the cutting edge of addiction medicine through constant vigilance; staying up-to-date and involved with the latest findings in the Mental Health, Behavioral Health, and Addiction Medicine fields.

Recovery is a lifetime process and our team and facilities will always support our clients and those seeking help. If we are not the fit for you, we will find a program that is. Our ultimate goal is your Quality of Life. Contact us for a free educational consultation.