Missouri Addiction Counselors AssociationMissouri Addiction Counselors Association
MACA was organized in 1971 as the Missouri Association of Alcohol Counselors to provide fellowship and support for persons professionally employed in alcoholism counseling. The role and mission of MACA expanded through the years to include persons providing professional counseling for alcohol, drug, and other addictive behaviors, thus necessitating a name change to the Missouri Association of Substance Abuse Counselors.

NCADA-St. LouisNational Council on Alcohol and Drug Addiction
Founded in 1965, the National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse – St. Louis Area (NCADA) is a community health agency serving seven counties in eastern Missouri. We provide crisis counseling to approximately 2,500 individuals, and prevention and education services to over 100,000 people annually.

suburban junky
Suburban Junky
Suburban Junky, Inc. was started in 2011 after losing a close friend to heroin. It angered them beyond words that such an awful thing had taken away such an amazing person, and they wanted to do whatever they could to keep that from happening to anyone else. Their vision was to create a nonprofit organization that educated adolescents on the dangers of drug abuse by using a more non-traditional approach. It has been their hope that by doing this, they could create a set of highly accessible educational services teenagers will pay attention to, as opposed to tune out. They have done this by using a strong online presence, in addition to school-based prevention events and educational seminars, where they relay their message using their real world experience.

Drug Rehab Programs