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Thank you for considering our alcohol and drug rehab in St. Louis. Our drug and alcohol treatment is a personal relationship between Midwest Institute for Addiction and you, and requires mutual trust, openness, and honesty. To establish this trust, it is important that you explore our drug and alcohol rehab program as well as our alcohol and drug rehab personnel so you understand that MIA and its staff are your personal advocates.

We invite you to explore our treatment options to learn more about our programs. Program Options outlines the various levels of care provided, Treatment Overview outlines the various components to care in both our drug rehab and alcohol rehab programs, Medications outlines various pharmaceuticals used in detox, medication management, and craving control, and Counseling outlines the different therapies used to include cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy, and motivational interviewing, and more.

Whether you are looking for alcohol rehab in St. Louis or drug rehab in St. Louis it is important to completely understand the model and philosophy utilized. Choosing a drug or alcohol rehab is an important first step to the rest of your life and it should not be done without knowing your options. We have confidence in our programs and personnel and provide consultative services for free to aid families in this delicate process.

We would like to invite you for a consultation so that you can get to know our rehab center, our addiction treatment program and staff members. This consultation is free and without any obligation. We will also provide you with an information packet that lists all of the drug rehabs and alcohol rehabs in St. Louis, as well as a guide for choosing the best alcohol and drug rehab for your particular situation in Missouri. Feel free to call us at any time at 314.569.2253 or use the Contact Form to set up an appointment or ask additional questions.

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