We take great pride in serving our communities, this includes the information we distribute as an organization and as professionals in the substance use disorder, mental health, and behavioral health industries.

Midwest Institute for Addiction Editorial Team

MIA employs some of Missouri’s leading addiction treatment experts. Our multi-disciplinary team functions as a whole to provide some of the leading treatment and information in the area. Our team has collectively been in the addiction field for over a century and has attended some of the most prestigious schools including Yale University, Washington University in St. Louis, University of Michigan, University of Iowa, University of Missouri and more. Our staff members also hold advanced degrees as well as some of the highest licensure and credentials available in the field.

We believe that the information we distribute is just as important as the services we deliver. We follow a content review and editorial process to ensure we are distributing quality content.

  1. Our internal editorial team reviews all content for quality and purpose.
  2. Any information flagged is reviewed and submitted to the editorial board for approval prior to republishing.
  3. Once yearly we engage a third-party reviewer with experience in the field to provide an overall review of the content posted on our website, any content flagged follows the same approval process as internally flagged content.

Our editorial team includes Medical Doctors, Doctor’s of Philosophy, Licensed Social Workers, Licensed Therapists, and other, mental, behavioral, and medical healthcare professionals.