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Our program provides nicotine addiction and smoking cessation treatment services. Our treatment is a personal relationship between Midwest Institute for Addiction and you, and requires mutual trust, openness, and honesty. To establish this trust, it is important that you understand our rehab center program as well as our staff. We would like to invite you for a consultation so that you can get to know our program and staff members. This consultation is free and without any obligation. Feel free to call us at any time at the numbers provided at the top of this page or use the Contact Form to set up an appointment at a facility near you.

Nicotine Addiction Rehabilitation Programs in St Louis and Kansas City

Nicotine Addiction Counseling: In our nicotine addiction program we use individual, couples, and group counseling just as with other addictions and behavioral disorders. The focus on nicotine addiction counseling includes:

  • Knowledge
  • Insight
  • Coping skills
  • Social support

Our addiction counseling uses the most effective modalities available including cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and solution focused therapies. Our nicotine addiction rehab program includes individual counseling to help the client with their treatment and smoking cessation by providing knowledge and insight into their addiction better preparing them to maintain abstinence. Group counseling provides social support for individual’s dealing with similar struggles and is led by one of our nicotine addiction counselors. All services in our nicotine addiction rehab program occur at our outpatient rehab centers in St. Louis, Kansas City, or via our Virtual Rehab | Telemedicine program.

Comprehensive Nicotine Addiction Treatment Program

Our comprehensive nicotine addiction and smoking cessation program is an all-inclusive month to month program. Based on your progress and desires the program can have duration of any number of months. This program includes Physician visits, and prescriptions for medication nicotine replacement therapies used in detoxification, relapse prevention, and symptoms associated with the medical condition of nicotine dependency*. Some of the medications used include medication to aid in detox, medications to control cravings, and other medications that help with homeostasis and stabilization*. Clients will have a case manager and emergency contact along with medical visits and care. This program also includes our individual, couples, and group therapy to aid in their smoking cessation along with other treatment therapies.

Choose your own treatment option

Because every individual is different and so too their circumstances we enable each client the ability to pick and choose among our many nicotine addiction and smoking cessation treatment services. You will have the ability to see our physician, attend individual, couples, or group counseling.

Smoking Cessation Medication

Each client dealing with nicotine addiction is aided in their smoking or tobacco cessation by the care of our physician and medications that help with cravings.

Upon entrance into our nicotine addiction treatment program you will sit down with our physician for an in depth evaluation and follow up with the physician throughout the tobacco cessation program.

The medical aspect is an important part to any nicotine addiction treatment program and is vital is increasing your chances of smoking or oral tobacco use cessation.

Our medical care fits into our comprehensive continuum of care for nicotine addiction and works alongside other treatment therapies to make you successful in your treatment goals.

Through continual clinical staffing meetings we maintain a constant stream of communication between all clerical, medical, and clinical staff to ensure the highest quality of care for you or your family member.

Along with medications used to help with detox and cravings associated with nicotine addiction and smoking cessation, nicotine replacement therapies can be utilized at the initiation of treatment. This can make the progress more gradual and therefore more comfortable thereby increasing the success of our clients.

*Medications, detox protocols, and treatment are determined by the attending physician and may vary for each case. The information provided is general in scope and meant to be informative rather than diagnostic.