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Access to Telemedicine for Addiction Treatment

Welcome to our virtual treatment center (serving Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas). We have been developing our telemedicine program and Virtual Rehab for a longtime and continue to expand our offerings in support of regulatory changes calling for more access to quality treatment services.

We know that much of rural America goes without adequate medical, psychiatric, and behavioral care but not the problems that require care in the first place. For this reason, we established a virtual rehab center (often known as telemedicine) to treat the ongoing struggle with opiates, alcohol, and other mood-altering substance abuse and dependency issues.

What is Virtual Rehabilitation/Telemedicine (VRTM)

Our VRTM program is designed to provide holistic behavioral health and substance abuse treatment for those who have circumstances that prohibit their ability to attend traditional treatment programs.


Behavioral and substance abuse services that are rendered via teleconferencing through an encrypted platform appropriate to the provision of services for clients to gain the knowledge, insight, coping mechanisms, and support systems necessary to achieve and maintain long-term recovery and improve their quality of life by integrating MIA-VRTM services with those in their community.


Outpatient Substance abuse medication management is rendered is by a qualified prescribing provider who evaluates the individual’s need for medications to assist in detoxification or sobriety, provides prescriptions, and ongoing medical monitoring. These services can include outpatient detoxification and maintenance medications that are used in conjunction with other necessary self-directed, peer support or professional services. MIA provides these services in a way that is confidential, private, safe, comfortable, and facilitates the recovery, wellbeing, and self-efficacy of the persons served.

How the telemedicine program works?

The primary goal is to improve the quality of life for clients by combining services rendered through our telemedicine platform alongside those available to clients in their community in order to facilitate a holistic and effective treatment plan.

Each program is different and depends on the individual’s needs and the resources that are available to the client within their community. The telemedicine program provide multiple services or those not available to the client by other means.

Because each client’s circumstances are different specific program information is discussed during a free consultation that is also provided via telemedicine.

Insurance Coverage and Costs

Our programs are in-network with the majority of providers. Many plans provide coverage for telemedicine services as well and continued regulatory changes are increasing the coverage for these services. Clients without coverage for telemedicine services are charged nominal fees and have access to financial tools that minimize the financial impact that treatment has on their lives. Insurance coverage and costs are discussed during the free consultation.

Program Limitations and Specifics

All limitations inherent in the traditional physician-patient or therapeutic relationship are present in telemedicine. Persons served may need to visit their primary care physician prior to any treatment with medications. Not all consultations will result in the prescription of medication. When indicated, prescriptions can be sent (electronically, via fax, or by phone) to the patient’s pharmacy of choice. However, some states and federal laws provide stipulations when prescribing Schedule II, III, IV and V medications. For buprenorphine (Suboxone, Zubsolv, Bunivail, Subutex) treatment through this program, clients are required to have an initial and yearly Face-to-Face visit as well as random drug testing at a facility, agreed upon by the physician and patient, upon request and on a regular basis. Follow-ups for all scheduled medications must be conducted through video. The physician may require additional visits and labs be done and are purely up to the prescribing physician. This may vary state to state and some state laws do not require the initial face to face visit.

These services are typically no more than 2-5 hours a week (including community resources that are part of the treatment plan). Active family/significant other involvement is important unless contraindicated. The goals, frequency and length of treatment will vary according to the needs of the individual and the response to treatment. A clear treatment focus, measurable outcomes, and a discharge plan (including the identification of realistic discharge criteria) is developed as part of the initial assessment and treatment planning process and is evaluated and revised as necessary as treatment proceeds. Outpatient services may be of brief duration and may be provided as a step down from a higher intensity of care or as initial treatment. Some individuals, however, may require ongoing, intermittent contact with a licensed professional (e.g. once or twice per month) and other resources in their community beyond telemedicine treatment to maintain the individual’s optimal level of functioning, sobriety, and to prevent the need for more intensive levels of care. Medical and Psychiatric consultation is available based on clinical need.

Getting help is easy.

1. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs, learn about our program, your insurance benefits or financing options, and determine if our program is a good fit for you. We help you find resources that are the right fit for you, even if that is outside of our facility.

2. Complete our intake or get information on other resources that are the best fit; based on your clinical, medical, and resource information.

3. Start improving your life one day at a time by following the plan created by you and your treatment team.

QUICK FACTS about our Telemedicine program

  • Receive Medical Detox, medication-assisted treatment, and/or ongoing medical care in addition to therapy– providing the tools you need for your journey.
  • Unlimited treatment time – access to treatment for as long as it takes to achieve your goals. Adjust goals to continually improve your quality of life.
  • In-network Services – we make treatment cost-effective and remove the financial burden that limits treatment time and needed services.
  • Flexible schedule – Receive services that make it easy to continue treatment without negatively affecting other areas of your life.
  • International Accreditation – Rest assured that everything we do is reviewed and approved.

Schedule a free, no obligation, consultation today to learn more about our program and other resources available to you and your family.