This is the part where we tell you our long history and what makes us so great. To do that though we would have to talk about each one of our clients, our employees, our leaders, our community partners, and everyone else working to improve the lives of others. Here is what lays as the central message in our organization and guides our decisions from the biggest to the small.

“We are in the business of making lives better. Our responsibilities are to our patients, one another, and the organization. There are many stakeholders and we have obligations to all of them. However, this can never be at the patients expense as they are at the epicenter of why we exist. Every decision and action we take should reflect this, from strategic decisions to how we answer our phones.”

-MIA Founder and President

MIA began as a self-pay private program to enable the best care for clients. We soon realized it was in our clients’ best interest to change. Without changing any aspect of the high quality program provided MIA obtained in-network contracts with insurance payers and significantly reduced costs for clients. Despite increased costs, the organization maintains a robust service offering to meet a multitude of scheduling needs. MIA has continually sought innovative ways to increase logistical and financial access to quality care including the development of the Virtual Rehab | Telemedicine program years before the mainstream community. The organization constantly adapts to the needs of the communities it services, providing specialized programs to serve underserved populations such as pregnant women with substance use issues, chronic pain patients who suffer from chemical dependency and abuse, technology and video game disorders, and other mental and behavioral healthcare needs.

MIA continues to explore communities in need of the organizations offerings as well as the changing needs in the communities it already serves. Our services have expanded outside of chemical addiction to provide care for those dealing with process addictions as well as general mental health and behavioral health care.

Our programs now serve St. Louis and Kansas City locally with our Virtual Rehab | Telemedicine program serving Illinois, Kansas, and Missouri.