Our Jefferson City facility is coming soon… but you already have access to our Telemedicine program.

Telemedicine | Virtual Rehab Center (MIA-VRTM)

Serving Missouri – (314) 887-3623

Access to Telemedicine for Addiction Treatment in Jefferson City

Welcome to our Jefferson City virtual treatment center. We know that much of rural America goes without adequate addiction treatment resources but not the problems that require addiction treatment in the first place. For this reason, we established a virtual rehab center serving Jefferson City (often known as telemedicine) to treat the ongoing struggle with opiates, alcohol, and other mood-altering substance abuse and dependency issues.

What is Virtual Rehabilitation/Telemedicine (VRTM) in Jefferson City?

Our VRTM program is designed to provide holistic behavioral health and substance abuse treatment for those who have circumstances that prohibit their ability to attend traditional treatment programs.

Behavioral and Medical Care

Behavioral and substance abuse services are rendered via teleconferencing through an encrypted platform in order for clients to gain knowledge, insight, coping mechanisms, and support systems beneficial to obtaining and maintaining long-term recovery.

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