At Midwest Institute for Addiction, our Kansas City and St Louis outpatient rehab facilities are a major part in a complete continuum of care for the treatment of alcohol and/or drug addiction. Outpatient treatment can be a starting place for some clients or the next level of care for individuals leaving inpatient and residential rehabilitation centers program. Rehabilitation centers in St. Louis and Kansas City often provide a minimal amount of treatment services while MIA’s rehabilitation centers create a comprehensive and quality dense program. There are no limitations to the amount of treatment one receives and the majority of services are in-network with the majority of healthcare plans.

Our outpatient program offers alcohol and drug detox in conjunction with continuing medical care, mental health, behavioral health, assessments, and ancillary services. These services are unlimited to the individual attending treatment and include doctors’ visits, individual therapy, family and couples therapy, client group therapy, family group therapy, psychological and mental health visits, meditation sessions, and health and wellness sessions and activities. There are also specialized programs for specific populations that include telemedicine, pregnancy, pain-management, and process addictions such as video games and technology. For a better look at these services follow the button below.

Treatment Services

Where do we begin?

difference between inpatient and outpatient rehab

The most notable difference between MIA and other rehab facilities in Kansas City and St. Louis is the quality of service provided; which is especially important in outpatient rehab facilities. While other programs seem to place every client on the same track and send them on their way, our Kansas City and St. Louis outpatient rehab is responsive to client’s needs, adaptable to clients’ circumstances, accessible to clients’ when they need our care, and compassionate about their recovery and progress. In the outpatient addiction treatment setting these service components are vital to quality care. That is the MIA difference.

Our rehabilitation centers in St. Louis and Kansas City are the ideal program for the individual who works, studies, or has other obligations that cannot be neglected. Many rehab facilities in Kansas City and St. Louis label programs as, “for professionals” but the components of these programs are not desired solely by lawyers and physicians. Furthermore, they are often pricy and not financially obtainable for some families. Quality, privacy, cost, and flexibility are a desire of most individuals entering a rehab facility. We ensure that (a) our program is of the highest quality (b) that it is convenient and accessible enough for the majority of individuals to utilize services around their schedule and for long-term, and (c) that are services are affordable and in-network with most health plans.