Our Hannibal facility is in partnership with White Oaks Counseling.

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White Oak Counseling Center – 573-221-2111

Access to Addiction Treatment in Hannibal

Welcome to our Hannibal treatment center. We know that much of rural America goes without adequate addiction treatment resources but not the problems that require addiction treatment in the first place. For this reason, we established a virtual rehab center serving Jefferson City (often known as telemedicine) to treat the ongoing struggle with opiates, alcohol, and other mood-altering substance abuse and

In-network Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Hannibal

Focused on Improving the Quality of Life for Clients

  • You can have a better tomorrow than today.
  • Addiction, anxiety, depression, and negative events do not need to be the prevailing theme in your life. Our programs are designed around our client’s needs. Alcohol and drug rehab in Hannibal can be affordable, effective, and logistically feasible alongside other obligations. Clients work with their treatment team to achieve a better life than the one they have today.
  • Many people change their lives everyday. Believing that this change isn’t possible is one of the many barriers to seeking assistance. It is possible regardless of how you feel, what you are dealing with, or past treatment episodes you feel were not successful.

Get a plan to start improving your life today.

  • Get a plan, start a plan…
  • Access to a multidisciplinary team: Our program provides medical, mental, and behavioral services.
  • Outcomes and treatment time: We ensure access to ongoing treatment. Our programs ensure that ongoing treatment, at even a once-per-month basis, is possible financially and for your schedule to ensure continuous positive outcomes.
  • Needs change overtime: Our program is capable of treating mental health, behavioral health, and other common issues beyond addiction. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our clients beyond sobriety alone.

Getting help is easy.

1. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs, learn about treatment, insurance benefits and/or financing options, and determine what is a good fit for you. We help you find resources that are the right fit for you, even if that is outside of our facilities.

2. Complete an intake or get information on other resources that are the right fit; based on clinical, medical, and resource information.

3. Start improving your life by following a plan created by you and your treatment team.

QUICK FACTS about our alcohol and drug rehab in Hannibal

  • Provides Medical Detox, Medication-assisted treatment, and/or ongoing medical care in addition to therapy.
  • Unlimited treatment time – access to treatment for as long as it takes to achieve your goals.
  • In-network Services – Treatment that is cost-effective and minimizes the financial burden that often limits treatment time and needed services.
  • Flexible schedule – Services that make it easy to continue treatment without affecting other areas of your life.
  • International Accreditation – Everything we do is reviewed and approved.

Schedule a free, no obligation, consultation today to learn more about our program and other resources available to you and your family.