MIA’s typical client works, attends school, and/or has many obligations outside of treatment; so it is not a shock when many individuals have reservations about checking out of life and into rehab. That is why our outpatient program offers the structure and services necessary to detox from alcohol and/or drugs and safely transitions into a treatment plan to continue the medical, mental, and behavioral care needed while still able to tend to other responsibilities. On average an individual stays in our rehab programs for 3-12 months before comfortably continuing their lives. Our Outpatient Rehab

At Midwest Institute for Addiction our Virtual, Kansas City, and St. Louis rehab outpatient center is the main component of an effective continuum of care for alcohol and drug addiction treatment. Individuals begin the outpatient detox program to detox from alcohol and/or drugs and establish a stable base with which they can continue in their addiction treatment process. Inpatient detox is designed to lead into an outpatient rehab in St. Louis and has been shown to be ineffective alone. For this reason, outpatient rehab is always indicated and not all individuals require the overnight medical care that is the sole differentiation from our outpatient detox and rehab programs to that of inpatient rehab programs.

At our outpatient center you can expect a comfortable detox from alcohol and/or drugs in an environment that is both comfortable and a treatment team with an understanding of the difficult transition being made. Our focus is the detoxification and medical stabilization process as well as the development of a strong treatment plan that leads to an improved quality of life and abstinence from mood-altering substances. Our outpatient detox is not designed to stand alone as treatment for alcohol and/or drug addiction, it is designed to provide a stable platform for client’s to continue in their outpatient care.

Our rehab facilities offer more therapies and treatment than most rehabs in addition to our private, confidential, and comfortable environment. Individuals have access to our staff and services whenever needed and for a much longer period of time than 3-14 days of inpatient care or the typical 3-6 month outpatient program. The average adult or professional typically doesn’t need to detox in an inpatient setting unless a co-morbidity requires 24 hour monitoring, the motivation to change is low; as is often seen in the adolescent population, or there is a very limited social support system in place.

As with, residential centers in the Kansas City and St. Louis area our facilities provide 24 hour access to medical and clinical staff to monitor and care for clients. In conjunction with this medical care, therapists and family therapists work closely with the client and family to facilitate the treatment process and to develop a strong plan for continued care, resources, and living arrangements far beyond our outpatient addiction treatment programs.

St. Louis Outpatient Rehab