You will experience MIA’s quality from your very first call.

If you are seeking help: You are at one of the hardest points on the path to a better life; the decision to enter treatment and make the absolute decision to live a life free from this disease. Many will not make this step because they do not believe they are ready or they may feel ready but do not believe that they are capable of change. Just scheduling a consultation is progress and progress is perfection because perfection is unattainable. No one gets anywhere without many tiny steps. Make one today.

If you are seeking help for a loved one: Midwest Institute for Addiction offers free educational consultations to help individuals understand the various aspects of alcohol and drug addiction, as well as resources available to individuals for alcohol and drug treatment, and cognitive behavioral therapy in St. Louis. Everyone is different along with his or her circumstances; we can aid you in finding your next step in recovery.

If you are a referring professional: Once an individual calls, they are scheduled for a free consultation, in most cases the very same day if the individual’s schedule allows. If an individual decides to enter one of the programs we immediately initiate the intake process, begin medical care, orient the client to the program and services, and create a treatment plan that includes a schedule conducive to work, school, and other obligations. If we are not the best resource we provide free services to find the best resources and then aid the individual in engaging with those resources. You can be confident that anyone you refer will be provided assistance.

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Additional Addiction Resources

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