MIA employs some of Missouri’s leading addiction treatment experts. Our multi-disciplinary team functions as a whole to provide some of the leading treatment in the area. Our team has collectively been in the addiction field for over a century and has attended some of the most prestigious schools including Yale University, Washington University in St. Louis, University of Michigan, University of Iowa, University of Missouri and more. Our staff members also hold advanced degrees as well as some of the highest licensure and credentials available in the field.

We believe that the staff members we utilize are just as important as the rehab program itself. We encourage you to sit down and really get to know our staff and you will understand just how invested in you we all are.

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At the very core, Midwest Institute for Addiction strives to continually improve programs and increase access to those we serve. Our outcomes are measured both as clinical measurements and satisfaction among our clients and their families. From our responsiveness to first-time callers and those seeking help finding treatment, to our continued care and support to our clients and their families well beyond typical treatment times, we aim to guide individuals, couples, and families to a better life than the one they had when coming to our programs. Substance use treatment, mental health, and behavioral healthcare should be welcoming, accessible, and effective. You will find this and more at our facilities.