Making the decision to seek help for alcohol and/or drug addictions is often one of the most difficult steps for individuals to take. We understand the difficulty experienced at the time treatment is needed as well as the process of finding and beginning the right program. It is our belief that part of our duty to clients is to ease the difficulty and discomfort often experienced during this phase. From the moment you speak to one of our staff members we will guide you into recovery and aim to make the journey comfortable, attainable, and beneficial. Regardless of whether or not you join our program, our team will take the time to educate those seeking to improve their lives and aid in identifying programs and resources available.

From the moment you call we go to work as your advocates. We will schedule a time that is convenient for you to come in and meet with our staff and often are able to offer same-day appointments. The consultation is free and designed to assist you in understanding what your needs are and the resources available to help you.

Should you choose to be assessed past the initial consultation, we gather baseline information that includes your physical health, mental health, historical data, needs, preferences, and goals. You immediately begin treatment and have an initial treatment plan outlining the direction you and your treatment team will take. Treatment starts with detox or medical stabilization by one of our medical doctors, an orientation to our program by our leadership staff, treatment planning with your primary therapist, and scheduling that is both convenient for your life’s other obligations and structured for the soundness of your care.

Most notable, and often a response we receive from our clients, is the existence of a culture and environment that is person-centered. That is, we treat you as the individual you are and not as “just another client”. Our care and concern is interlaced in every aspect of our programs. You will find staff that are caring and passionate, accessible when you need them, responsive to your needs, adaptable to ever-changing circumstances, and compassionate about aiding you in improving your life. You deserve effective treatment but you also deserve respect, compassion, and a team willing to move at your pace, where you are at the moment, and address the goals most important to you.

It is ultimately YOU that decides change is needed. Schedule a consultation even if you are not 100% ready. You will be glad you did.