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Alcohol Detox St Louis

You've been drinking and abusing alcohol for a long time, and now you fear you may have become addicted? Midwest Institute for Addiction is here to provide you with the perfect rehab treatment. Nobody wants to fall victim to alcoholism, but a lot of people do.

Alcoholism is a mental disorder that doesn't discriminate. It can infect anyone, old, young, man or woman, with the same viciousness and usually the same outcome - complete ruination. Because of the many side-effects and damages associated with alcohol addiction, we've created the ideal alcohol detox in St Louis.

The reasons why we're your best choice today include:

Extensive outpatient rehabilitation

We don't offer inpatient rehabilitation because we believe it's almost never necessary. Aside from a couple of extremely advanced and aggravated cases, the inpatient rehab program can quickly turn into a liability. The benefits of the outpatient version are obvious:

  • Allowing the patients to attend their social, professional, and familial obligations
  • Testing the effectiveness of the program while remaining active in the society
  • Weekly schedule, designed not to interfere with the patient's personal life
  • Continuous aftercare and support

You don't need to join a full-time hospitalization program to achieve great results. If anything, the outpatient rehab program performs better, in the long run, thanks to more freedom and versatility.

High-end rehab strategies

We believe that there's no such thing as a universally functional rehab treatment. Not all people react to the same therapies identically. For this reason, not only we adapt the rehab procedure to the patient's clinical profile, but we also adjust it along the way, depending on the patient's progress.

The goals of our alcohol detox in St Louis are to:

  • Stabilize your mental and emotional status
  • Help you overcome withdrawal
  • Minimize and eliminate the pain
  • Control your cravings
  • Rewire your chemical functioning in the nervous system

We achieve that with the help of patient-oriented medication strategies, which may extend for months, depending on your progress and physiological response. In some cases, different patients might require a lifetime of support and aftercare. We're ready for that as well.

Unmatched quality standards, innovation, and commitment

We not only believe that any victim of alcoholism can find redemption, but that everyone deserves it as well. Alcohol addiction is brutal and cruel. It will affect you, your family, and your friends with the same viciousness. We use a combination of medication, psychotherapies, emotional healing and social and professional support that defies the standard approaches.

The so-called "universally effective rehab procedure" doesn't exist. We're using a mix of different rehab strategies, making up for a versatile, multidisciplinary approach that has the power to change lives. Our program of alcohol detox in St Louis may just be your salvation.

We are an experienced, passionate team of professionals, ready to provide you with all the medical, psychiatric, and moral support you need. Midwest Institute for Addiction is open around the clock for those in need. Check our website, leave us a message, or contact us by phone as soon as possible!

Alcohol Detox St Louis

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Alcohol Detox St Louis Alcohol Detox St Louis

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