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Alcohol Treatment St Louis

Most people know that drugs are dangerous, but few realize how devastating alcohol can be as well. Midwest Institute for Addiction is one of the leading rehab facilities in the country, offering a unique perspective on the issue. We don't necessarily want to raise an alarm signal on the dangers of alcohol abuse, but rather on that of the ineffectiveness of many rehab programs.

Our alcohol treatment in St Louis is different than what you might experience in other rehabilitation centers. It all starts from understanding that alcoholism is a life-long disease that doesn't go away after a couple of weeks of medical detoxification, albeit at a professional level.

Realizing that we've created a rehab strategy that relies on:

Outpatient rehab

We prefer outpatient rehabilitation due to its many long-term benefits, compared to the inpatient program. The fact that most people require an inpatient treatment to overcome their addiction is nothing more than a myth. In reality, few ever do.

The inpatient program is necessary in extreme cases and its effects, although superior, are only temporary. To overcome alcoholism for good, you need to join an outpatient program, where our team will provide you with prolonged aftercare and support. Thanks to our strategy, we can offer you continuous care and counseling, whenever you need it the most.

The detoxification process doesn't need you to enroll in a 24/7 hospitalization program, which might interfere with your social, educational or familial tasks. You can now opt for our outpatient system and fight alcohol addiction on your terms while remaining socially active at the same time.

Comprehensive therapeutic approach

If you're looking for high-end alcohol treatment in St Louis, you should know that the effectiveness of the detox program is the least of your concerns. A top rehabilitation strategy revolves around a life-altering experience. We look to provide you with:

  • Psychological recovery
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Emotional healing
  • Pain management
  • Relapse prevention strategies
  • Education and personal development support
  • Family counseling, etc.

In the battle against alcoholism, every detail counts. The ideal rehabilitation system should focus on long-term recovery and should address the multitude of problems linked to addiction. Ignoring the co-occurring disorders triggered or worsened by alcohol abuse, the social and familial issues, or the emotional traumas alcoholism feeds upon, means to open the road to relapse several years down the line.

Chronic pain treatment

Some people experience brutal levels of chronic pain throughout their lives. To cope with such suffering, many of them resort to self-treatments, which is usually a sure way to develop a chemical addiction. Alcohol is one of the substances of choice for people who find no other way to end their torment.

In reality, alcohol will only make things worse, while doing nothing to treat the problem. Our alcohol treatment in St Louis will correct that. We'll provide you with pain management strategies that will extend for as long as necessary, including for the rest of your life.

Midwest Institute for Addiction is the best chance you have at getting your life back. Contact us - free yourself from suffering today!

Alcohol Treatment St Louis

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Alcohol Treatment St Louis Alcohol Treatment St Louis

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