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Drug Detox St Louis

If you're ready to join a rehabilitation program, come to the Midwest Institute for Addiction for a thorough diagnosis! The rehab process, although simple in theory, it's one of the most complex endeavors you could take part in. The fact that many people believe it's easy is why we have so many of them resorting to self-detox and making things worse for themselves.

You need to look for a professional drug detox in St Louis. At the same time, finding a high-end facility is another sensitive topic. Not all rehab facilities operate under the same quality standards, and you want the best treatment you can afford. It's not even about money; it's about saving your life.

We use an advanced rehabilitation strategy that relies on:

Outpatient therapy and medical care

When talking about drug addiction, the recovery process should not refer to overcoming withdrawal. Instead, it should apply to notions like medical stabilization, psychological and emotional healing, education, social reintegration, and personal development. Fortunately, we're among the few rehab centers that value our patients' wellbeing more than anything else.

To increase the efficiency of our system, we've avoided including an inpatient rehab option. All our treatments are outpatient for several reasons:

  • Better recovery rate
  • You will remain socially active during the procedure
  • The rehab program will not interfere with your daily routine
  • You won't feel pressured and controlled, like in the case of inpatient rehab
  • Our experts will provide you with long-term aftercare

In reality, our outpatient program of drug detox in St Louis comes as a life experience for everyone involved, both you, the patient, your family, and us, the rehab experts. We'll all work to change your life for the better.

Top rehab programs

The clinical detoxification is only temporarily effective. All it does is to eliminate the symptoms associated with the withdrawal, and contain your drug cravings. It's a good way of detoxifying your system, as well as stabilize your condition fast. But, in the long run, it falls short.

Although we do offer several weeks-worth of drug detox (4 to 8 weeks for opiates, possibly even more for other substances), we don't stop there. We also throw in a Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) into the mix, working to further stabilize your condition along the way. Some people have to deal with emotional trauma, brain injuries, co-occurring disorders or chronic pain, for every day of their lives.

Our MAT will help them deal with those problems more effectively. You can find more info about our programs online, or you can just call us for an appointment.

Comprehensive aftercare and education

We believe that the drug detox in St Louis is just the beginning of the treatment. In reality, the rehabilitation process never ends. It's a continuous battle between you and your brain, and we'll teach you how to win.

At Midwest Institute for Addiction, we provide you with the insight you need to turn your life around. If you're looking for a chance to start things all over again, we're one phone call away.

Drug Detox St Louis

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Drug Detox St Louis Drug Detox St Louis

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