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Drug Rehab Kansas City

If you're ready to start a new life, you need to come to the Midwest Institute for Addiction. Our rehabilitation center provides the ideal starting point for people looking to get sober, and to rebuild their lives from scratch. Drug addiction is a complex and potentially deadly disease. To treat it effectively is more difficult than many rehab centers would like you to think.

Our drug rehab in Kansas City consists of a multitude of high-end procedures, and it operates under different standards than other facilities. We believe that eliminating the symptoms of addiction is not enough. The risk of relapse will always exist if the rehab treatment stops there. What makes our approach different includes:

Outpatient rehabilitation

The effectiveness of the inpatient rehab program is limited. It's only relevant short-term, while the program is still active and shortly after. But, in the long run, it begins to crumble. Although the data shows that the success of the inpatient treatment is sky-high, the numbers never consider the long-lasting effects or the relapse rates of the patient over his or her lifetime.

The outpatient program is a better choice because:

  • It doesn't cut the patient from the daily activities
  • It delivers long-term care and support
  • It aims at changing the patient's lifestyle entirely
  • It provides increased stability and better relapse prevention

The outpatient program is also cheaper than the inpatient one and more comfortable. You don't need to pause your social or professional life for several months or more of rehab. Our drug rehab in Kansas City allows you the find common ground between sticking the rehabilitation program and your personal life.

Patient-oriented and results-driven programs

We don't use standardized rehab programs to apply them to all of our patients. Studies show that this approach is ineffective at delivering consistent, reliable results. People function differently, which means that what may work for some patients will not work for others.

To increase the effectiveness of our rehab strategy, we adapt the detox treatment to the patient's clinical profile, personality, social environment, etc. All these factors will help define what works best for a specific individual. The same goes for the medication plan, psychotherapies, counseling sessions, and relapse prevention mechanisms.

Holistic approach

The safest way to fail the rehab process is to focus on the symptoms, rather than the causes of the disease. Yet, this is what many rehab facilities will do. Our holistic take on the process focuses on treating the body, the spirit, and the mind, for a well-rounded life experience that will define your whole life.

Our drug rehab in Kansas City is less a medical endeavor and more of a life-changing experience that seeks to improve your health, mental state, social functioning, etc. It's a road to a life you've been dreaming about ever since your addiction has taken your happiness by storm.

Contact us, at Midwest Institute for Addiction, and come to talk to us about your problems! We'll help you find the path to the freedom you're looking for.

Drug Rehab Kansas City

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Drug Rehab Kansas City Drug Rehab Kansas City

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