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Drug Treatment Kansas City

In a world where drug rehab facilities abound, Midwest Institute for Addiction brings one asset to the table that few other possess - the excellence. The drug rehab treatment it's a scientific endeavor, but it's also about innovation and a strong set of values.

Our philosophy, although blatantly obvious, is not as widespread as you might think: help the people. With that in mind, we've adopted a different approach to the rehabilitation program. Our drug treatment in Kansas City one of the most effective and reliable strategies in the industry because:

It adopts a more comprehensive approach

People become addicted to drugs for various reasons. Some do it by accident, while looking to try something new and exciting. Others see drugs as a way out of their emotional traumas or as means to deal with heartaches, chronic pain, or debilitating physical or mental conditions.

To treat everyone the same is to make a huge mistake. Instead of resorting to a standard approach, we tailor the rehab treatment to the patient's needs. Our doctors will provide you with a top-notch rehab strategy involving:

  • Clinical detoxification (4-6 weeks for alcohol, 4-8 weeks for opioids, varying duration for other drugs)
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment for pain management and long-term recovery
  • Psychological and emotional assistance
  • Prolonged medical and behavioral care
  • Social support and lifestyle improvement
  • Education, individualized care, and family counseling, etc.

It offers prolonged aftercare

Studies show that the drug relapse remains a huge risk for most patients coming out of recovery. It's a natural tendency because, depending on the drug and how severe the addiction is, it will leave deep marks in your nervous system. To eliminate the risk of relapse completely requires a more in-depth look.

Our drug treatment in Kansas City takes on the causes that may have caused your addiction in the first place. Whether talking about co-occurring disorders, professional or familial problems, or emotional traumas, it's vital to get to the bottom of it. We offer permanent support and aftercare through our outpatient rehab program, as part of a long-lasting strategy meant to improve your life dramatically.

It provides pain management support

Chronic pain may become, with time, extremely debilitating. Many people go to extreme lengths to escape the suffering, including unguided self-medication. When drug addiction and chronic pain meet, the patient's life will take a drastic turn for the worse. Without a solid medical strategy in place, the patient's chances at sobriety will fall as soon as the rehab ends. Our outpatient rehab program provides a comprehensive pain management system relying on medication, counseling, and therapeutic interventions, depending on your symptoms and clinical profile.

If you want to become a free, healthy, sober individual again, our drug treatment in Kansas City is your best chance. You can't fight drug addiction with conventional, outdated weapons. Our outpatient rehabilitation program allows you to fight the disease on your own terms.

Come to Midwest Institute for Addiction, tell us about your problems, and let's work together on finding a solution! Rest assured - we'll find it!

Drug Treatment Kansas City

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Drug Treatment Kansas City Drug Treatment Kansas City

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