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Outpatient Rehab St Louis

If you're suffering from substance addiction, but you've always avoided to join a professional rehab program, now's the time for a change. At Midwest Institute for Addiction, we offer you a smooth, reliable, and high-end rehab treatment that will change your life.

Our outpatient rehab in St Louis ranks among the top rehabilitation programs in the business, which leads us to the obvious question - inpatient or outpatient. Most people can't afford joining an inpatient rehab program, and it's not just about the money, although inpatient programs are notoriously pricier. It's also about the time. During the inpatient program, you'll need to suspend your social, professional, or familial tasks.

Only after the program's completion will you be able to resume your obligations. Our solution is both more comfortable and visibly more advantageous: outpatient rehab. The pros include:

More freedom equals faster recovery

You may have heard that the inpatient program delivers more success than its alternative, but that's not entirely true. It's a better choice for patients with severe addiction, who also show signs of advanced co-occurring disorders, but it's not the ideal option for everybody.

What the outpatient program offers is more than enough for a lot of people. The freedom of remaining socially and professionally active is priceless when combined with the targeted psychotherapies and counseling sessions. You'll only need to follow a weekly schedule for therapeutic sessions and regular check-ups and you'll be good to go.

Extended aftercare support

We focus on an outpatient rehab in St Louis due to the long-term benefits associated with the program. While the inpatient version relies on a full-time hospitalization scenario, the moment the patients leave the institution, they will most likely be on their own. Our outpatient program allows us to follow your progress through the rehab treatment in your social and professional life as well.

Most patients require some form of aftercare so that they can remain sober and avoid relapsing. We'll become your guardian angels, taking care of your mental and emotional health during the duration of the treatment. Our experts will provide you with constant medical and psychological support to ensure good progress through the rehab program and beyond it.

In-depth treatment and aftercare

When it comes to substance addiction, many things can go wrong. The disease will take a toll on your mind and your ability to reason, and it will slowly break your normal functioning in the society. We know how much harm it can cause in the long run. People end up losing their jobs, the support of their families, and their friends along the line.

We don't just want to see you get better, we want to see you succeed in life. With the help of our professionals, the quality of your life will improve immensely. Join our outpatient rehab in St Louis, and allow us to reshape your future! At Midwest Institute for Addiction, we create success stories that end up defining people's lives.

Outpatient Rehab St Louis

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Outpatient Rehab St Louis Outpatient Rehab St Louis

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