Drug Rehab Kansas City

Drug Rehab Kansas City Choose a drug rehab in Kansas City based on the success rate they see in the long term rather than immediately following treatment. Nearly all rehab centers boast a high rate of success after 30 or 60 day treatment. Midwest Institute for Addiction can help you experience the long-term success you're looking for.

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meth detox centers Irvine

Coastline Behavioral Health
18377 Beach Boulevard #210
Huntington Beach CA 92648 US
+1 714-841-2260
MAT treatment is available at most meth detox centers in Irvine; however, many fail to take into account that without the right supervision, patients can replace one addiction with another. If you're looking for safe medication-assisted treatment, contact Coastline Behavioral Health to inquire about our levels of care.

Inpatient Recovery

Inpatient Alcohol Detox Center
602 Shetter Ave
Jacksonville FL 32250 US
Effective inpatient recovery starts with a single phone call to Alcohol Detox Center. We offer free referral services to callers looking for drug or alcohol detox in any location US-wide. A professional referral can make all the difference in finding a recovery center with the right programs and amenities to fit your needs. Inpatient Alcohol Detox Center

Sex Addiction Recovery Center Colorado

Begin Again Institute
5277 Manhattan Cir #114
Boulder CO 80303 US
Are you concerned about destructive behaviors you're engaging in related to sex? You may have a sex addiction without knowing it. Visit Begin Again Institute's online resource page to take the self assessment and gain insight into why you're using sex to self soothe or attempt to heal from past trauma. Begin Again Institute

Nixa Addiction Treatment

Contact Nixa addiction treatment professionals from New Spring Wellness Center when you're searching for a different kind of recovery program. We believe in providing a safe path to wellness for every patient, which is why we've designed a program that fills the gaps left by conventional treatment centers. Newspringwellnesscenter.com

Medication Assisted Treatment Massachusetts

Baystate Recovery Alcohol and Drug Treatment
Baystate Recovery Services makes it easy to find medication assisted treatment in Massachusetts. If you fear going through alcohol or drug detox, an MAT program can offer you comfort during the most severe phase of withdrawals, so you can complete detox and stay engaged in an outpatient or day treatment program.

Retirement Community Altoona

Prairie Vista Village
2785 1st Avenue South
Altoona IA 50009 US
+1 515-967-8700
Read about the benefits of choosing Prairie Vista Village as your new retirement community in Altoona- then contact us for additional information and resources that will make it easier for you to compare communities. Visit our downloadable resources section to find checklists, cost comparisons, and much more.

Sustainable Cloth Pads

Does Moody V offer sustainable cloth pads? Uh, yes! That's like a double entendre! Cloth pads are a super awesome sustainable alternative to disposable menstrual products. Cloth menstrual pads can be washed and used multiple times per period, over the course of several years. Moody V is so proud to be a maker of cloth pads so that folks who menstruate can incorporate them into their lifestyle.