Where Your Experience Will Exceed Your Expectations

Many Kansas City rehabilitation centers provide treatment; MIA provides treatment combined with an accessible, compassionate, and private person-centered philosophy. Many programs exist in our area and around the country but few rehab centers compare to Midwest Institute for Addiction’s person centered programs and staff. The difference at MIA is more than our holistic, person-centered, and best-practice treatment model; it goes beyond excellent treatment to ensure excellent services and experiences. Unfortunately, many areas of healthcare act as though their services are mundane tasks rather than the opportunity to create positive changes in others; this is not the case for MIA. We distinguish our product and service. We provide evidence-based addiction treatment services that include; medical detox, psychiatric care, individual therapy, family therapy, couples therapy, group therapy, nutrition and health counselling, and more… However, our reputation has been built on compassion, accessibility, responsiveness, flexibility, and effectiveness. Our Kansas City facility provides an environment that nurtures recovery and wellness. Client and family satisfaction is important to our addiction treatment team, because each client is at the epicentre of what we do. MIA’s framework and culture are second to none. Ask around, our reputation speaks for itself.


A Comprehensive Treatment Team

MIA’s Kansas City Rehabilitation Centers provide a Quality of Life approach for those dealing with alcohol and drug addiction. Our multi-disciplinary treatment team communicates and coordinates your care to be an effective and malleable treatment process. Our multi-disciplinary team provides medical, psychiatric, and behavioral services that include visits with our medical doctor, psychiatrist, individual therapists, family and couple therapists, group therapists, dietitian, health and wellness experts, mindfulness and meditation experts, and more. In conjunction with these services, clients undergo continual medical monitoring with toxicology and blood work, psychological assessments, medication management including Suboxone and Vivitrol®, and additional ancillary services. Our clients receive unlimited services, unlike many programs, while they are attending our alcohol and drug rehab in Kansas City and are entitled to a lifetime of relapse prevention once they complete our program. This is all done as an adjunct to your current life, not an interference.


A Quality of Life Approach

Unlike other drug rehab centers in Missouri, our rehab in Kansas City offers a complete continuum of care that goes beyond alcohol and drug use alone. The MIA approach focuses on your “quality of life”, by addressing your physical health, psychiatric health, family health, social health, financial health, legal issues, occupational issues, and of course alcohol and drug use. Outcomes and assessments of MIA clients are based on these elements; we can identify the severity and change to identify areas of need for each individual, which in turn, shapes that client’s treatment. In most cases, there are more areas for improvement than simply alcohol and drug abuse. We appreciate the fact that anyone (regardless of addiction) would benefit from utilizing MIA’s multitude of services.


What This Means to You

So what does this mean for you and your family? Our rehab center provides evidence-based treatment delivered by some of the most experienced providers in the Kansas City area. We deliver quality services at times that are convenient to you because we understand you have other obligations; this translates into days, evenings, and weekends; times when other rehab facilities are closed. MIA is always accessible by phone and in-person to ensure the highest level of support possible. We take your care seriously always advocating for our clients and their families. Our array of unlimited services means a treatment process rich in quality rather than a minimal approach. We do not use sale tactics, we offer free consultations to aid individuals in finding appropriate treatment; not ours alone. We accept insurance for the same program quality that is often only found in high-priced private facilities. We understand what you are going through, where you want to be, and the various obstacles in your way. Our commitment is to help you navigate this road by making the highest quality of care available, accessible, and affordable.