What No One in the Addiction Treatment Industry Wants to Tell You: The Series.

In our series titled, “What No One in the Addiction Treatment Industry Wants to Tell You” we put it all out on the table. We always have. We answer the questions people want to be answered and we do it without any spin or bias. You can look at our programs, billing, and organization and if you think it fits with the words throughout our series… you are right. We have built our organization and addiction treatment programs on how we feel treatment should be provided and what research has shown to be effective. We look at how treatment should be, the experience clients and families should have, and shift our programs to meet these expectations. We have created a framework to enable the use of insurance and reduce financial exposure for the long-term success of credibility and quality over immediate revenue. Remember too, we are always learning and adapting, as people, as families, and as organizations. The real key is that we are actively seeking to improve.


In our series, “What no one in the addiction treatment industry wants to tell you” we go in-depth into how things work, what to look for in good programs and what to avoid in bad. Not all, nor the majority, of alcohol and drug rehab programs, are bad. This series is not about pointing fingers at the addiction treatment industry. This series is an extension of the information we provide in our free consultations at our St. Louis Rehab Program and our Kansas City Rehab program. If you read our entire series you will be educated in your selection or referral to addiction treatment programs and alcohol and drug rehab programs in general.

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