St. Louis Rehab: Helping Loved Ones Seek the Appropriate Treatment

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When family members and friends suspect that a loved one is suffering from drug addiction, a natural response is to confront him or her right away. The smart move, though, is for them to be observant of their loved ones’ behavior and attitude first before they do anything.

Detailed Signs and Symptoms of Drug Use

Taking notes of signs and symptoms will help them assess the situation. For instance, indications like alcohol breath, frequent intoxication and drunkenness, difficulty focusing, irritability, lack of desire to maintain hygiene and personal appearance, and argumentative behavior can mean alcohol addiction while extremely dilated pupils, dry mouth, excessive activity, talkativeness, irritability, and nervousness can mean cocaine addiction.

When all these signs are present, family members and friends can try to convince their loved ones to seek professional treatment at a respected St. Louis rehab facility. That said, they should avoid taking a confrontational stance and talk to their loved ones in a calm manner.

It is normal for those dealing with drug addiction issues to be resistant to the idea of getting clean at first. As such, family members and friends should avoid forcing the issue too much. Instead, they can assure the loved ones of their continuous support while giving them a realistic view of the consequences should they refuse treatment. Relatives and friends can also suggest helping out in studying a wide variety of treatment options.

Drug addiction treatment methods and efficacy, however, are highly dependent on the type of drug abuse and the patients’ own characteristics. It helps for family members and friends to consult drug treatment professionals and ask about their recommended programs.

Some inpatient treatment approaches to drug addiction treatment include medications, detoxification, and behavioral therapy. Reliable institutions like the Midwest Institute for Addiction employ similar methods but make sure to add group therapy, family therapy, health and wellness, and meditation and mindfulness into the mix. Applying all these techniques can help drug addicts understand their condition better, while at the same time, adapt a healthy attitude toward others and build a healthy self-image.

Drug treatment professionals also believe that a helpful component in any drug recovery program is a St. Louis outpatient rehab treatment. With this, patients learn how to avoid and manage triggers that may cause them to relapse.

Finding out a loved one may be addicted to drugs is never easy. Family members and friends, though, can lend them a hand by showing support and pointing them toward a good rehab facility that can help turn in positive results.

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